On a road trip to find common ground
Ritwika Basu, from the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, visited Daniel Morchain at Oxfam in the UK as part of the ASSAR Small Opportunities Grant. Her story is laid out in cartoon form!
ASSAR Ghana Participates in the 2nd Ghana Youth Conference on Climate Change and Sustainable Development
More than 200 students attended the conference. Read about it here.
Making decisions in times of uncertainty
The ASSAR Small Opportunities Grant enabled Udita Sanga to gain insights into questions around food and security in Southern Mail and whether these insights would lead to real impacts.
How depleting groundwater threatens women's livelihoods in India's Bhavani region
In December 2016, as part of the Small Opportunities Grant awarded by ASSAR, Divya Solomon visited the University of East Anglia where she learnt many valuable lessons.
MIRAA: Subsistence, stimulant and social glue
In this photo essay, Jennifer Leavy describes the challenges people face when trying to make a living from growing and trading Miraa, a key cash crop in the region.