Solutions for a resilient West Africa: projecting our experience into the future
Amadou Sidibe, recently attended a workshop organised by Oxfam in Dakar, Senegal, where he presented the ASSAR research experience in Ghana and Mali.
Writeshopping your way to writing together: thoughts on collaborative writing
Chandni Singh, from the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, looks at the complications people face when writing collaborative papers and at potential solutions.
ASSAR influences Botswana's national Drought Management Strategy
Last year another nasty drought hit Botswana; so nasty that the President declared a national state of emergency. But of course, this wasn't a first, and sadly it won't be a last.
How the world needs to change as regions get drier
Water is increasingly becoming scarce as the climate changes. Dian Spear looks at four changes that cities can make to adapt to water scarcity.
And after the UNFCCC Bonn climate talks: An appetite for disruption
Daniel Morchain invites you to listen to what he learned in Bonn at the UNFCCC COP in November 2017.