Capacity building through peer-to-peer learning in Kenya
To strengthen the capacity of pastoralists in Kenya's drylands to deal with pasture scarcity, ASSAR facilitated a peer-to-peer learning exchange.
When adaptation barriers and enablers intersect:
ASSAR has examined the conditioning factors surrounding adaptation action, and learnt that it is not just the presence of adaptation barriers and enablers that affect adaptation success, but their interactions.
Taking VRA to the national level in Botswana
A reflection on ASSAR's journey taking its Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (VRA) training from local to national level in Botswana.
Theatre of the Oppressed: a multilayered look at the adaptation space
Theatre is a powerful tool for sharing perspectives, breaking down barriers, and fostering co-creation of ideas. Our latest short film documents ASSAR's 'Theatre of the Oppressed' production at Adaptation Futures, 2018.
Promoting climate justice and adaptation in semi-arid Ghana
Promoting climate justice and adaptation in semi-arid Ghana
As part of their capacity building activities in Ghana, ASSAR organised a series of workshops to strengthen women's advocacy skills to challenge the environmental issues that affect them in their communities.