Climate change impacts and adaptation in north-central Namibia

25 Jan 2018 - 15:15
The north-central region of Namibia has a semi-arid climate, which means that it has high temperatures, low rainfall and a long dry season. In recent years, this region has started to have extreme weather events more often than in the past. This is due to climate change, which has caused very bad droughts and floods. Climate change is most worrying for local communities who depend on agriculture for food and income. 
It is therefore important for people in north-central Namibia to understand how and why their climate is changing, so that they know how they can prepare for this change and make sure that there is enough food and water for the future. 
This information brief, written by Julia Davies, a senior research assistant on the ASSAR southern Africa team, discusses what the impacts of climate change are in Namibia, and what can be done to adapt to these changes better.