Part 1: Building capacity of young researchers: reflections on the RiU training in Ghana

12 Jan 2017 - 10:15

A short film of interviews with PhD and Masters students who participated in a RiU (Research into Use) workshop at the University of Ghana in 2015. They explain their study areas, the relevance the research has for them and the stakeholders involved.

The wide-ranging expertise and experience represented across ASSAR provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen research capacities of early career scientists in Africa and Asia. As part of ASSAR’s Research into Use (RiU) approach, scientists are trained to become more aware of the importance of communications, and the use of different communication tools, from the early stages of their research process.

PhD and Masters students from the University of Ghana participated in a RiU workshop at their home university in November 2015. In the video they reflect on their study areas and the relevance their research has for them, and the stakeholders involved in the research.

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