Part 2: Research outcomes into use: reflections on the RiU training in Ghana

20 Jan 2017 - 14:00

One of the main objectives of ASSAR is to turn research evidence into impactful use. Research into Use (RiU) is about engaging, influencing and communicating, and that it needs to be integrated throughout the research process. Therefore, one of the components of the ASSAR project is capacity building of scientists, policymakers and practitioners. Through trainings, ASSAR provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen research capacities, nurture professional development of early career scientists and enhance communication skills of researchers who regularly engage at the science-policy-practice interface.

With ASSAR over its halfway mark it is important to reflect on the positive developments  that has taken place. In 2015 a group of PhD and Masters students at the University of Ghana were interviewed to explain how a RiU workshop changed their attitudes towards the work they were doing.

This short video is part two in a two-part series that examines how working with the ASSAR project and engaging with our global ASSAR community ASSAR has helped broaden the scope of researchers and how it is an underlying element of ASSAR as a whole.