What is Transformative Scenario Planning?

12 Dec 2016 - 11:15

To achieve impact in different levels of society, and across four regions, ASSAR engages with a wide spectrum of stakeholders from communities, the private sector, civil society organisations, research institutions, governments and non-governmental organisations through Transformative Scenario Planning (TSP).

TSP is an approach that brings concerned stakeholders from different, often conflicting, perspectives together. People discuss pressing sets of problems to build stories that illustrate a range of potential futures that could come from taking different paths. By doing this, the people involved  learn more about their present situation, and what dynamics in a specific situation are serving to help or hinder progress toward a more equitably and climate resilient future.

By guiding these stakeholders through participatory scenario planning processes, ASSAR helps to build a common understanding of current adaptation needs and past adaptation failings. ASSAR works in collaboration with REOS Partners to promote the co-production of adaptation responses that can yield appropriate, tangible and lasting benefits.

In you need to quickly explain what TSP is about, you might find this brief introduction helpful. 

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