Transformative Scenario Planning in Namibia

28 Mar 2017 - 11:15

Written by Teresa Perez, with input from Dian Spear and Tali Hoffman

Sometimes social systems get stuck. There is not enough agreement among leading actors about what is happening, or what could or should happen, for the system to be able to move forward. In such contexts, Transformative Scenario Planning (TSP) can be useful. Developed by Reos Partners, this process enables politicians, civil servants, activists, businesspeople, community members, academics, and leaders of other stakeholder groups to work together to construct a shared understanding of their system through the development of possible stories of the future, and then to act on the basis of this understanding.

Working with a diverse group of relevant stakeholders over two workshops, ASSAR’s Southern Africa team is using TSP to imagine what might happen to the provision of water for productive use in the Omusati region of Namibia by the year 2035.  In this brief, the team describes the outcomes of the first workshop (held in February 2017) where four future scenarios were developed.


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