ASSAR's 2017 year in review

8 Jan 2018 - 14:00


2017 has been a busy year in the Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions (ASSAR) project! We have definitely learned a lot, and below, we provide you with a taste of some of our activities and key results in a range of areas – from implementing scenario planning processes in a number of case study sites in Africa and India, to our research on migration, multi-scale governance, barriers and enablers, or gender. Have a look below and visit our website to get a glimpse into our project.

ASSAR Products

Mind the Gap
Mind the Gap is a collation of pictures that depict the lived realities of the marginalised masses residing in informal settlements in and around Bangalore city, India.
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On a road trip to find common ground
This comic depicts Ritwika Basu’s (IIHS) visit to our Oxfam colleagues to explore the role of the private sector in sustainable development.
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High and Dry

This photo essay describes a survey aimed at assessing the impact of climate change on people's wellbeing and happiness.
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Water access and governance in Namibia’s Cuvelai-Etosha basin
Interviews in Namibia explored how people access water , the barriers they encounter, how people participate in water governance.
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Working towards equitable and sustainable access to pasture in Kenya’s drylands
This visualisation looks at some of our actions aimed at supporting pastoralists’ access to land for livestock grazing in Kenya. Download it here

Managing Ethiopia's invasive plant species
This visualisation shows ASSAR ’s work with a range of stakeholders to make the management of the Afar rangelands in Ethiopia more equitable and sustainable.
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Vulnerability to Groundwater Drought in Semi - arid Areas of Western Ahmednagar District, India
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Dimensions of Vulnerability in Rural and Urban Areas: A case of migrants in Karnataka
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Barriers and enablers to climate change adaptation in north-central Namibia
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Climate change impacts and adaptation in north-central Namibia
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MIRAA: Subsistence, stimulant and social glue

In this photo essay, Jennifer Leavy describes the challenges people face when trying to make a living from growing and trading Miraa, a key cash crop in eastern Kenya.
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ASSAR Journal Publications from 2017

Transformative Scenario Planning (TSP)

Using transformative scenario planning as a way to think differently about the future of land use in Bobirwa, Botswana
Read the report here

Using Transformative Scenario Planning to think critically about the future of water for productive use in Omusati, Namibia
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