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Capacity Building: Small Opportunities Grants

ASSAR Small Opportunities Grants

The wide-ranging expertise and experience represented across ASSAR provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen individual research, science communication and networking capacities of early career scientists in Africa and Asia. Therefore, a fund was established to support professional development within the project. The ASSAR Small Opportunities Grants (ASSAR-SOG) offer an opportunity for young scientists to tap into a broad spectrum of strengths, skills, perspectives, and ideas across different semi-arid hotspots.


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  • Adaptation Hub: using mobile apps to support agriculture and adaptation planning in semi-arid Ghana

    ASSAR took advantage of Ghana's strong uptake of smartphones by developing a mobile application that supports information transfer and knowledge sharing with local stakeholders.

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  • Mazing through peri-urban Bangalore

    Maitreyi Koduganti from the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) gives an account of a game that she developed, with the support of an ASSAR Small Opportunities Grant, to help people gain better insight into the complexities of living in peri-urban Bangalore.

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  • Reflections on an ASSAR-SOG exchange at the University of East Anglia, UK

    In July 2018, as part of a Small Opportunities Grant awarded by ASSAR, Dr Soundarya Iyer visited the University of East Anglia (UEA) at Norwich for two weeks to work with Dr Nitya Rao.

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  • Young climate innovators share award-winning adaptation ideas at University of Ghana

    Winners of the Climate Change Adaptation Through Youth Innovation competition visit University of Ghana, share adaptation ideas, and leave motivated to take action on environmental issues.

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  • Climate change adaptation through youth innovation

    The ASSAR Ghana team recently developed and held an intra- and interschools competition, titled the Climate Adaptation through Youth Innovation (CATYI) Competition.

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  • ‘Building capacity dissolves differences. It irons out inequalities’

    Being a hydrometeorologist, I was always inclined towards the technical side of research, but my work with ASSAR (and WOTR) has taught me to connect non-technical aspects (mapping of vulnerability, frameworks of adaptation, policy planning) with technical aspects (processing, downscaling and using projections data), writes Aradhana Yaduvanshi, researcher, Watershed Organisation Trust.


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  • On a road trip to find common ground

    Ritwika Basu from the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) visited Daniel Morchain at Oxfam in the UK as part of the ASSAR Small Opportunities Grant (SOG). Together they explored corporate social responsibility, the private sector and development planning and represented their first findings in an exciting comic strip.


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  • Making decisions in times of uncertainty: How farmers in Mali are adapting to climate change

    How a role-playing boardgame called ‘Food and Farm’ explores the dynamics of decision making under climate change adaptation.

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  • How depleting groundwater threatens women's livelihoods in India's Bhavani region

    In December 2016, as part of the Small Opportunities Grant awarded by ASSAR, Divya Solomon visited the University of East Anglia to work with Dr Nitya Rao on a study in the Bhavani region in Tamil Nadu, India.


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  • Unlearning and Learning: Reflections on our visit to Cape Town

    As part of the ASSAR Small Opportunities Grant Kavya Michael and Tanvi Deshpande, from the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, visited Cape Town with the aim of fostering knowledge and increasing capacity building of researchers in their field.

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  • A cross-regional perspective: Reflections from the ASSAR-SOG exchange at the University of Cape Town

    Arjun Srinivas, recipient of ASSAR's Small Opportunities Grant (ASSAR-SOG), describes some of his experiences collaborating with colleagues and travelling in South Africa.

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