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Experiential learning to understand climate change

Experiential Learning in the
Climate Change Adaptation Context (webinar)

Seasonal Forecast Game - scenes from the training session

Paying for predictions


Experiential Learning Materials

Vulnerability Walk

Seasonal Forecast

Paying for Predictions

Farming Juggle


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  • Mazing through peri-urban Bangalore

    Maitreyi Koduganti from the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) gives an account of a game that she developed, with the support of an ASSAR Small Opportunities Grant, to help people gain better insight into the complexities of living in peri-urban Bangalore.

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  • In the name of a game: Why games could be one way of disseminating research knowledge

    Bidisha Sinha, from Watershed Organisation Trust, examines how games can help in teaching people about climate-related issues.

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  • Can experiential learning really be fun?

    ASSAR Namibia's Bernadette Shalumbu looks at how experiential learning can help with a range of different hierarchies in workshops where positions of people sometimes need to be equal.


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  • Making decisions in times of uncertainty: How farmers in Mali are adapting to climate change

    How a role-playing boardgame called ‘Food and Farm’ explores the dynamics of decision making under climate change adaptation.

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  • Reversing the culture of underplaying play

    Three full days of games, fun and learning! The workshop on ‘Experiential Learning’ began on that note. The idea was to use and learn to facilitate games of different formats to communicate complex ideas.

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  • Learning through games in a changing climate

    A workshop on ‘Experiential Learning & Dialogue in an ASSAR context’ was held at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS), Bangalore from the 10th to the 12th of May.

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  • Experiential learning workshop: Teaching future Teachers

    In January 2017, a group of ASSAR’s research-into-use (RiU) coordinators and regional stakeholders spent a few days at the University of Cape Town to attend a three-day experiential learning workshop.

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