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Training Programmes

Climate Systems Analysis Group (GSAG) Winter School (July 2017)

In July 2017, ASSAR sponsored a group of project affiliates to travel to the University of Cape Town to attend CSAG's Winter School and learn about the use of climate information for adaptation and policy development.

Edward Koomson
University of Ghana

Asmamaw Bahir
Addis Ababa University

 Aradhana Yaduvanshi
Watershed Organisation Trust

Silvanus K. Uunona
Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Forestry

Tidiani Sanogo
Laboratory of Tropical Ecology

Ashwathi Kurichikkara
Ashoka Trust for Ecology and the Environment

Research-into-Use training workshops (September 2015)

In September 2015, ASSAR’s West Africa team members took part in one week of training activities on Research into Use and Transformative Scenario Planning organised by Oxfam and Reos Partners. The University of Ghana Masters and PhD students shared their key learning with us through these interviews.

Part 1: Building capacity of young researchers: reflections on the RiU training in Ghana Part 2: Research outcomes into use: reflections on the RiU training in Ghana


Researching Gender – Concepts and Methods (June 2015)

In June 2015, researchers from ASSAR’s four regional research teams convened in Norwich to attend a course on gender and exchange lessons on how women and men are differentially impacted by climate change and variability. Here they share some of their learning.

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  • Learning about linking land use and land cover changes to ecosystem services

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